About Macias Property


220 Ocean View Dr.
Pismo Beach


2440 Village Green
Santa Maria Ca.


102 N. Beachcomber
Shell Beach, Ca


1033 E. Orange St.
Santa Maria Ca.

I have lived in Santa Maria California since l960. I attended local elementary, Jr. High and Santa Maria High School .

I was involved in Banking for l8 years, including writing home loans and as an operation manager of a locally owned Saving and Loan. I later changed careers, and was an office manager and human resource director of a local food franchisee. I am now the human resource director for a locally owned tire retail and manufacturer.

During this time I married (31 years) to a born and raised Santa Maria boy, and we have two wonderful sons who were raised in Santa Maria .
Both my husband and I have been actively involved in North side Little League, SM Babe Ruth, and Santa Maria Youth Football. My husband has coached
baseball, basketball, and soccer in Santa Maria . He is also self employed, and we just celebrated 31 years in business in Santa Maria .

We purchased our first rental in l996 when our oldest son graduated from St. Joseph's High School , and wanted to move out on his own. He was only l7, and
had a difficult time finding anyone who would rent to him. My husband and I decided to take a GIANT LEAP, and purchase our first rental property.
Since then there have been seventeen bought and sold. We now have seven properties.

Most of our rentals are long term, but we have a darling vacation rental in Pismo Beach . That is only one block off the ocean. It is truly a dream to own a
piece of Pismo Beach . As noted on the web site it has been professionally decorated, and truly a happy and fun place to stay. Please take a minute and visit the link for 220 Ocean view.

I am proud to say that most of our rentals have been remodeled with much care and thought, and all our tenants take pride in living in such beautiful homes. If you are interested in any of the properties listed, please feel free to email me for information.

For more information e-mail us at gaylemacias@hotmail.com